April 2013 Newsletter

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Deleted Question Visibility

We’re happy to announce that going forward, any user can see their own deleted questions if they are given a link. They still cannot access it via the profile page, but any link will suffice. We hope that this new functionality will make guidance for new users a lot easier for mods, as well as making the experience as a whole much smoother.

As a reminder, if a moderator leaves a comment within an hour before deleting a post, this leaves a permanent entry in the post author’s inbox that links to the post. This, combined with the new visibility of deleted questions, allows you to communicate with the users even if you have to remove the post.

Early Deletion Privilege Tweak

We’re introducing a tweak into the existing 20k privilege that allows users to delete closed questions before the first two days pass. Now, in the first two days, users with 20,000 reputation can only delete a closed question if it has a score of -3 or less. After the first two days, deletion requirements are the same as always.

Deletion within the first two days is meant to handle egregious posts and terrible spam. We hope that by altering the privilege in this fashion, it should avoid issues with removing otherwise salvageable posts too quickly and allow time for askers to learn and/or edit their posts.

New Audit Stats Available with Advanced Review Stats

We have added some new statistics for your studying pleasure to the Review Audit Stats we introduced in last month’s issue. We have also made the page a lot more accessible with a simpler route than before:

   From the page top ‘mod’ link → ‘links’ » ‘Advanced review stats’

The following new statistics are available on this page in each queue:

  • AvgDuration(s) notes the average time that the user spends on each task in that queue in seconds;

  • AuditTotal notes the total number of audit tasks that the user has run into in that particular queue;

  • AuditPass% notes what percentage of audit tasks that the user has successfully completed compared to all tasks run into within that particular queue.

We believe these stats will be helpful in identifying or analyzing suspicious or curious activity within the review queues.

A Small Note About Contacting The Community Team

When you send us an email as a moderator, especially through the team@ support address that everyone uses, please be sure to identify that you are a moderator and on which site you are a moderator. This will help us parse the information of the email faster.

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