January 2014 Newsletter

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Analytics UI Updated

A number of quality-of-life changes have been added to the moderator analytics tools for you to use. Set time periods such as “the last month”, “the last 3 months”, and “the last year” have been added as quick links under the date range selection. Furthermore, the X axis on the graphs can be broken down into a weekly or monthly basis in addition to the default daily basis. Finally, we’ve grouped together various similar graphs such as Questions and Answers into singular graphs, and the contents of these graphs can be toggled as a set of checkboxes above the graph.

Check it out from the page top ‘mod’ link → ‘analytics’

User Deletions now Delayed

We’ve added an automated queue to handle user deletions in the scenario that a user requests manual deletion, as illustrated at Delay user requests for account deletion by 24 hours. When a moderator deletes a user and selects the “This user requested deletion while logged into the site” reason, it will place the user’s account into the queue for deletion 24 hours later. The user or a moderator may, at any time before 24 hours pass, elect to cancel the deletion via a large red banner at the top of the user’s profile page. The events of entering the queue and cancelling will be logged in the user’s history appropriately.

This change will not alter the normal protocol, as outlined in the Help Center, which requires the user to confirm their ownership of the account and the intent for deletion. However, this will allow for a much smoother system for handling deletions, as well as enable normal users to rescind their deletion requests without moderator intervention.

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