February 2014 Newsletter

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Site Switcher Now Configurable

The site-switcher on the far left of the universal top bar can now be configured to display a custom list of sites. You can choose which sites to add, as well as the order in which they are displayed, as you see fit. Meta sites can be added as well as main sites, allowing you the ability to reach one site’s meta directly from any other site. The number of sites is also not limited, allowing you to have a comfortable mix and organization of all sites that interest you, including those that you moderate.

Flag Privilege Suspension Implemented

We’ve now implemented visible warnings for users whose flagging privileges are blocked or in danger of being blocked. Whenever a user attempts to flag a post, they will be presented one of three different warning notices if they have had flags declined recently. If a user has had a flag just declined while having cast fewer than 10 flags, or if they have had at least 10% of their flags declined while having cast 10 or more flags, they will receive a warning message. Users who have had at least 25% of their flags declined amongst over 10 flags cast will have their flagging privileges temporarily revoked. All of these checks are performed over a rolling 7 day period.

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Election Comment Flags Disabled

We have disabled the ability for users to flag comments on election nominations, due to various conflicts in the election system and the flag UI. The Community Team will be paying extra attention to comments in order to cut out on noise and abusive commentary. Moderators are encouraged to use their best judgement to remove spam and outright offensive comments. If a nomination thread begins getting out of hand, feel free to contact the community team.

Helpful Flag Allows Comments

It is now possible to provide commentary with helpful flags, similar to handling declined flags. Providing a comment for a helpful flag is not required when handling the flag. This avenue exists to provide instruction to users who flagged a post that did need attention but the reasoning behind the flagging was off-mark, or other situations where additional guidance would be helpful in the context of the flag. As with declined flags, there is currently no overt notification that a comment was given to a helpful flag.

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