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What Does the Code of Conduct Change for the Moderator Teams?

Primarily, not much has changed. The main difference for moderators is that the new CoC is designed to make the rules that we already have easier to enforce more consistently, and without as much worry of rule-lawyering and the emotional labor that it brings.

The updated Code of Conduct emphasizes our desire to continue to build communities that are rooted in kindness, collaboration, and mutual respect. These are ideals that you’re already supporting and have helped improve. The CoC doesn’t create new rules, it just helps you enforce what we’ve already been doing. We want you to know that you have our full support when enforcing the CoC. Let’s continue to create a space that welcomes people for who they are – individuals wanting to learn, share, and level up.

It is important now, more than ever, to live out the CoC and lead by example. We must show that this is who we consistently are, whether we’re dealing with community members or our fellow moderator community in the Teacher’s Lounge. During these interactions, let’s remember that all feelings matter, they don’t require evidence to validate their existence. That doesn’t make those feelings right but it also doesn’t mean that they’re any less valid.

If you find that a conflict has arisen over the discussion of something about another member of our community, such as their identity, religion, gender, political affiliation, books on their Amazon wishlist, etc — you should immediately call the usefulness, and possible hurtfulness of that discussion into question and probably stop having it.

Also, remember that it’s normal to not have an opinion on something – don’t feel like you need to have a fully formed stance on everything you encounter just because you’re a moderator. Sometimes it’s going to take a bit more research to feel fully informed about a specific topic. If something is unknown, it’s alright to move on or ask for help. As you interact with the many members of the community, remember that you will face individuals that can bring opportunities for conflict. We don’t have to agree with everyone and everything, but we do want to show respect and kindness. Sometimes setting a good example means openly admitting that you’ve got a lot to learn about something.

You’re Helping to Create a Great Atmosphere

Everything we’ve said serves as an encouragement since you’re already doing this across your sites! Thank you for continuing to be proactive and engaged. Your dedication to your communities helps to make them shine and we’re very proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish! While the data is still new and fluctuating, we’re noticing that folks in our communities are taking earnest stock of how their interactions contribute to how folks experience the sites, and this would not be possible if it weren’t for all of you patiently watching, and intervening gently, where necessary.

As the CoC evolves, and we learn new strategies for enforcing it in a way that openly encourages people to be who they are and express themselves freely (within limits), we’ll continue to share what we know with you. So far, you’ve done quite a bit with very little input from us, and we’re extremely proud of how well you’ve done.

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