February 2014 Newsletter

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Site Switcher Now Configurable

The site-switcher on the far left of the universal top bar can now be configured to display a custom list of sites. You can choose which sites to add, as well as the order in which they are displayed, as you see fit. Meta sites can be added as well as main sites, allowing you the ability to reach one site’s meta directly from any other site. The number of sites is also not limited, allowing you to have a comfortable mix and organization of all sites that interest you, including those that you moderate.

Flag Privilege Suspension Implemented

We’ve now implemented visible warnings for users whose flagging privileges are blocked or in danger of being blocked. Whenever a user attempts to flag a post, they will be presented one of three different warning notices if they have had flags declined recently. If a user has had a flag just declined while having cast fewer than 10 flags, or if they have had at least 10% of their flags declined while having cast 10 or more flags, they will receive a warning message. Users who have had at least 25% of their flags declined amongst over 10 flags cast will have their flagging privileges temporarily revoked. All of these checks are performed over a rolling 7 day period.

  Read more → Allow recovery from flag hell ban

Election Comment Flags Disabled

We have disabled the ability for users to flag comments on election nominations, due to various conflicts in the election system and the flag UI. The Community Team will be paying extra attention to comments in order to cut out on noise and abusive commentary. Moderators are encouraged to use their best judgement to remove spam and outright offensive comments. If a nomination thread begins getting out of hand, feel free to contact the community team.

Helpful Flag Allows Comments

It is now possible to provide commentary with helpful flags, similar to handling declined flags. Providing a comment for a helpful flag is not required when handling the flag. This avenue exists to provide instruction to users who flagged a post that did need attention but the reasoning behind the flagging was off-mark, or other situations where additional guidance would be helpful in the context of the flag. As with declined flags, there is currently no overt notification that a comment was given to a helpful flag.

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January 2014 Newsletter

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Analytics UI Updated

A number of quality-of-life changes have been added to the moderator analytics tools for you to use. Set time periods such as “the last month”, “the last 3 months”, and “the last year” have been added as quick links under the date range selection. Furthermore, the X axis on the graphs can be broken down into a weekly or monthly basis in addition to the default daily basis. Finally, we’ve grouped together various similar graphs such as Questions and Answers into singular graphs, and the contents of these graphs can be toggled as a set of checkboxes above the graph.

Check it out from the page top ‘mod’ link → ‘analytics’

User Deletions now Delayed

We’ve added an automated queue to handle user deletions in the scenario that a user requests manual deletion, as illustrated at Delay user requests for account deletion by 24 hours. When a moderator deletes a user and selects the “This user requested deletion while logged into the site” reason, it will place the user’s account into the queue for deletion 24 hours later. The user or a moderator may, at any time before 24 hours pass, elect to cancel the deletion via a large red banner at the top of the user’s profile page. The events of entering the queue and cancelling will be logged in the user’s history appropriately.

This change will not alter the normal protocol, as outlined in the Help Center, which requires the user to confirm their ownership of the account and the intent for deletion. However, this will allow for a much smoother system for handling deletions, as well as enable normal users to rescind their deletion requests without moderator intervention.

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December 2013 Newsletter

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Universal Stack Exchange Top Bar

We have rolled out a new universal top bar for the entire Stack Exchange Network. Reputation and badge notifications update in real-time and show consolidated events from across the network. Additionally, moderators see some new functionality: moderator-relevant notifications are stored in a separate inbox that appears only on the site(s) you moderate. We may be expanding moderator functionality in the future to include additional information that is relevant to the moderator teams.

  Read more on the features of the top bar as a whole → A New Top Bar for Stack Exchange

Upcoming Meta Stack Exchange Splitting from Meta Stack Overflow

We are finally progressing towards our long hinted-at separation of a general network-wide meta site from Meta Stack Overflow. While nothing has been implemented yet, you can read up on how we plan to execute this change and how the site will be managed at Stack Overflow is getting a place of its own.

Question and Answer Block Visibility

Moderators can view on a user’s profile whether or not that user is blocked from posting questions and/or answers. A simple yes or no will indicate their current status. In the event that a blocked user has attempted to post, the last such timestamp will also be included. Note that only the answer block is enabled network-wide, to take care of spammers. The question block is only enabled on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Ask Ubuntu, Mathematics, and Programmers. On other sites, it will list the asking block as “disabled” appropriately.

Spam and Offensive Automunging

When a post is deleted by accumulating enough spam and/or offensive flags, the post’s contents will now be automatically hidden and replaced with the following text.

This answer was marked as spam or offensive and is therefore not shown – you can see the revision history for details

Note that moderators will not see this message and instead will continue to see the post in its latest state. As such, do not feel obligated to personally censor naughtiness that gets flagged, and be sure to use these flags yourself when handling these kinds of posts.

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September 2013 Newsletter

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Reopen Queue Now Includes Popular Closed Questions

We have added new a trigger for the reopen queue. Questions with relatively high scores (on the question or its answers,) and those with extremely high views per month are now added to the queue to ensure that posts whose value to the community may be significant get an opportunity for get broader review and potential improvement.

Additionally, we’ve widened the scope of edits that push questions into the queue to include users who haven’t flagged or voted to close the question. This way, users who find a question that they can patch up, but lack the ability to vote themselves, can help push the question into the eyes of those who can.

    Read more → Lots of questions in the reopen queue

Clarified Convert-to-Comment Guidance

We have modified our guidance for the moderator tool for converting answers to comments, as follows:

Answers should be converted to comments when they do not attempt to answer the question. A comment should ask for more information or suggest improvements to the post; poor or incomplete answers should simply be downvoted or improved.

Conversion is a tool meant for preserving posts meant for deletion that have value as comments. This new wording is intended to make that purpose clearer and less confusing.

Revamped Moderator Message UI

Moderator messages now include links to user profiles of the sender and recipient (when the recipient is not the moderators as a whole) in a new header preceding the message. Timestamps for when the message was sent, and when the recipient read the message, are also included in this header for easier organization.

Search for Duplicate Posts

Duplicates can now be filtered in searches using the phrase duplicate: in the search string. This was designed to re-enable the ability to avoid or isolate duplicates during search, which was lost when we overhauled the close system and how the duplicate message is relayed. As with similar search functions: “yes”, “true”, or “1” will yield only duplicates while “no”, “false”, or “0” will yield all results that are not duplicates.

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August 2013 Newsletter

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Moderator Timeline View

Moderators now have access to a ‘timeline’ view on posts which lists activities that have happened to the post in chronological order. The timeline includes edits (suggested and otherwise), deletions, migrations, comments posted, flags, close votes, entries into the review queue, and answers posted (when looking at a question).This new view is designed to help unravel the events of a post: who was involved in the action, when it happened, and the hows and whys of the action’s resolution. You can access this timeline on any post as follows.

    On any post → ‘mod’ » ‘actions’ » ‘timeline’

On any post which has had flags or deleted comments, you’ll also be able to find a link to the timeline on the left side margin.

About Me History Tracking

We added an edit history to the ‘about me’ section of user profiles. Although rare, there are occasions when a moderator must intervene to edit a user’s profile (for instance, to remove extremely abusive language). We do not track the day-to-day changes from users, but when a moderator is forced to make a change to a user profile, it is useful to know what actions were taken. These entries can be found in the user’s history, and link to the associated revision history.

    From a user’s profile page → ‘mod’ » ‘info’ » ‘history’

Deletion and Destruction Reasons

Deletion and destruction now have reasons stored for record-keeping. When deleting a user, a moderator is required to select a pre-established reason (such as the deletion being requested by the user), as well as fill in details regarding specifics that led to a case. Destruction similarly requires the moderator to select a reason, though the free-form field is optional in this case.

In hand with this, moderators are now capable of viewing deleted user entries when viewing the profile of a deleted user. These logs will include background on the deletion event as well as all of the details provided by the deleting moderator as described in the earlier paragraph. Delete logs are only available for users deleted starting a few months ago – earlier entries will appropriately note the lack of a log entry.

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June/July 2013 Newsletter

Deleted Comment Improvements: Undelete and In-line View

Deleted comments may now be undeleted by moderators. This can be useful if a comment was accidentally deleted during a clean-up, or if there is valuable guidance that was otherwise removed without cause. In addition, deleted comments can now be loaded directly onto the page, allowing you to view them alongside the post and in order with the rest of the comments.

Check left side of post → ‘# deleted comments’

Learn more → ‘start’ » Moderators should be able to undelete comments

Review History For Close Votes

Moderators can now review items in the close vote queue which they had previously skipped. As a moderator, sometimes you’ll come across an item in the review queue that you think the rest of the community should look at first – but you had no way to follow up on it prior. With this new functionality, you can re-evaluate items in the event that no community action was taken. This does not apply to items which you did not explicitly skip or otherwise act on.

Check lower right corner of close review queue → checkbox marked “Show only my own reviews (including skipped)

Learn more → Let moderators navigate the review queues at will

Moderator Badges

We’re happy to announce that we’re adding two new mod-only gold badges to our roster to honor those who have dedicated so much of their time to helping run the sites on our network. The Constable badge will be awarded to users who have serve as a pro tem moderator on a beta site either for at least one year, or until the site reaches graduation. The Sheriff badge will be awarded to users who have served as an elected moderator on a site for at least one year.

We’d like to take this time to thank the entirety of our moderator base for the work they put in every day to keep the network operational and our Q&A solid. We love you all.

Close Flags and Low Quality Flags Now Place Posts In Review Queue

Flags for closure (“does not belong on this site”) are no longer considered to require urgent moderator attention, and no longer go into the moderator flag queue. Instead, they put the question into the “Close Votes” queue for users to review. The flags on them will be processed based how the item gets processed in the queue – flags will be approved for questions that get close votes, and declined for those that do not. This should allow moderators to focus on the more immediate needs on their site, but you can always dive into the review queue yourself (found under /review/close) if you want to check on closing jobs.

Similarly, low quality flags (“very low quality” under “it needs ♦ moderator attention”) will also send posts into the “Low Quality Posts” queue. The number of flags on such a post will affect how many “Looks Good” pardons a post needs to get out of the queue without editing. Additionally, once a post has been dismissed from the queue (for better or for worse), further flags won’t place it back into the queue. Unlike close flags, these remain items considered for moderator attention, and will remain in the moderator flag queue.

Read more on close flags → Replace close flags with close suggestions

Read more on low quality flags → Can flags send a post into the low quality review queue?

Handling Custom Close Reasons

With the new close system introduced in our last issue, we have introduced the ability for moderators to supply custom off-topic close reasons for their sites. Each site can have up to 3 off-topic reasons specified, which will be shown as part of the blurb that appears underneath a closed question. If you have not yet done so, you should work with your community on your Meta site to determine what these reasons should be for your site. For some advice on things to think about while working on this, I recommend reading the accepted answer for What do site moderators need to do to support the new custom question close reasons?

Sharing Private Information

Contacting users should be reserved for serious moderation issues only. When you find yourself in the position of needing to contact a user privately, make sure that you don’t inadvertently reveal any personally identifiable information about another user in the message.

Examples of how this can happen accidentally are:

  • Giving the user names of other accounts that have been seen at the same IP address of the person you’re contacting. You’ve just revealed the IP address of other users to someone else if they aren’t the same person.
  • Giving the user names of other accounts that voted for or against the user you’re contacting. While this doesn’t explicitly violate our privacy policy – voting is something that should be completely anonymous.

As a general rule, you should avoid talking to users about other users in private communication. If you must mention a specific user to another user, make sure you do so only by mentioning the user by their display name, and do not reveal any additional information about them.

Relating to this, PII on user profiles is now hidden by default on all use profile pages. This is done to stress the fact that this information should not be shared or related and to make it more obvious to normal users that their information is only visible to them (and moderators). Please continue to exercise caution whenever you handle PII.

If you feel unsure, please contact the community team before initiating contact with the user.

Live Updates For Future Moderator Newsletters

Starting with our August 2013 issue, we’ll be providing articles regarding mod-specific functionality changes immediately here on stackmod.blog. In essence, rather than building up several articles over the course of a month, we will be providing news as things are added to the system. At the end of each month, all the compiled articles up until then will be grouped together and sent via email, just like we do today. This is the one of a few things we’re doing to make our communication to moderators more timely.

The content of the updates here will continue to focus on items that are specifically relevant to moderation. For general system changes or fixes, our Recent Feature Changes thread on Meta Stack Overflow generally has a more comprehensive list.

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May 2013 Newsletter

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New “Help Center” is Live!

We just rolled out the new ‘help’ center linked at the top of your site. The gist of this project is to consolidate the various FAQs, meta posts, and blog posts into a much more comprehensive, educational resource. See Introducing a brand new, consolidated, Help Center. This is an on-going project, so we’ll be adding many more articles and features addressing your ideas and concerns.

Please note that the article, “what topics can I ask here?” replaces the old on- and off-topic section of the FAQ — so please be sure yours is up to date. If your site has particular needs not addressed by the Help Center, please discuss your ideas with the community in meta, tagged [help-center].

Changes to the Closing System are Rolling Out

After months of discussion, work, and input from the community, we’ve begun rolling out changes to the close system. These changes are designed to improve the closing experience for both the community and the author of the post. Please read through the Closing Changes meta post for more information. The new reasons are being tested on Meta Stack Overflow this week, and we’re aiming to launch them everywhere else early next week.

Suspensions Limited to One Year

We are capping the length of time you can suspend a user to one year. If you are currently using the suspension system to, essentially, lock an account with multi-year suspensions, please simply ‘destroy’ the account instead. We maintain access to account information (IP addresses, email, access logs, etc), even after the account has been destroyed, so there is no need to hold an account hostage just to preserve those records.

If you have clear evidence that an account is being used inappropriately (spam, sock puppets, persistent trolls, circumventing suspensions, etc), continue to message or suspend the user as you see fit. If the account is clearly not made in good faith (i.e. promoting discount gucci handbags), feel free to proceed to deleting it. If there’s any doubt, please contact the community team before deleting the account outright.

Finding Problem Users in Chat

We’ve added a few simple reports to the chat system, listing users with potential problems like ‘multiple flagged messages’, ‘ignored by multiple people’, and ‘users who have invited multiple people’.

These reports are are located in the chat directory:

Leaving Comments on Deleted Posts

Moderators are now able to leave comments on deleted and locked posts. This will allow you to leave helpful guidance when a post need to be deleted quickly (or has already been deleted). Remember that your comments will appear in a user’s inbox, even after it has been deleted (July 2011), so please leave a short note when a user’s post disappears unexpectedly!

Swag Changes

With the network getting bigger and the number of moderators growing, we unfortunately have to stop doing customized business cards for moderators on graduated sites. Designing and producing those ended up taking more time than anyone had anticipated. We’ll still offer and send out business cards to any moderator who wants them, but they’re going to look a lot more like the cards we have for our employees: front back

On the upside, we are also introducing a new item to show our appreciation for everything you all do:

These will be available exclusively to moderators and employees and should go into production shortly. If you’d like one, please fill out your information here and we’ll have them shipped out ASAP once they’re ready.

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April 2013 Newsletter

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Deleted Question Visibility

We’re happy to announce that going forward, any user can see their own deleted questions if they are given a link. They still cannot access it via the profile page, but any link will suffice. We hope that this new functionality will make guidance for new users a lot easier for mods, as well as making the experience as a whole much smoother.

As a reminder, if a moderator leaves a comment within an hour before deleting a post, this leaves a permanent entry in the post author’s inbox that links to the post. This, combined with the new visibility of deleted questions, allows you to communicate with the users even if you have to remove the post.

Early Deletion Privilege Tweak

We’re introducing a tweak into the existing 20k privilege that allows users to delete closed questions before the first two days pass. Now, in the first two days, users with 20,000 reputation can only delete a closed question if it has a score of -3 or less. After the first two days, deletion requirements are the same as always.

Deletion within the first two days is meant to handle egregious posts and terrible spam. We hope that by altering the privilege in this fashion, it should avoid issues with removing otherwise salvageable posts too quickly and allow time for askers to learn and/or edit their posts.

New Audit Stats Available with Advanced Review Stats

We have added some new statistics for your studying pleasure to the Review Audit Stats we introduced in last month’s issue. We have also made the page a lot more accessible with a simpler route than before:

   From the page top ‘mod’ link → ‘links’ » ‘Advanced review stats’

The following new statistics are available on this page in each queue:

  • AvgDuration(s) notes the average time that the user spends on each task in that queue in seconds;

  • AuditTotal notes the total number of audit tasks that the user has run into in that particular queue;

  • AuditPass% notes what percentage of audit tasks that the user has successfully completed compared to all tasks run into within that particular queue.

We believe these stats will be helpful in identifying or analyzing suspicious or curious activity within the review queues.

A Small Note About Contacting The Community Team

When you send us an email as a moderator, especially through the team@ support address that everyone uses, please be sure to identify that you are a moderator and on which site you are a moderator. This will help us parse the information of the email faster.

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March 2013 Newsletter

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Calling for Elections – Need More Help? Just Ask!

In the past, the community team was monitoring sites to determine when they needed more mods in order to maintain good coverage. Recently,we realized that we’re usually not the people most qualified to know when there’s a need. You are!

Going forward, the main trigger for us to consider holding elections will be the existing mod team telling us they need more help. As of now, any time you feel that your site is understaffed, either because the workload is increasing or because there aren’t enough active moderators, please get as much team consensus as possible, and then email the Community Team to let us know how many additional mods you think make sense to add.

After reviewing these requests, we may suggest a different number, or offer to reach out to any less active mods first, etc. But most of the time, since you’re in the best position to tell us what your team needs, and we’ll work with you to get an election scheduled.

Review Queue – Advanced Statistics

We have made a more in-depth set of review statistics available to moderators. Each queue now includes the number of times a reviewer has picked each available action, and what percent of their total actions it represents. This should provide you with a much better overview of how your community is using review, as well as a way to detect those who seem to be reviewing in bad faith and may need to be temporarily blocked (see below).

    Go to review via the top navigation bar → Pick any queue » ‘stats’ » ‘Advanced stats’ in the right sidebar

You can change the queue you’re viewing at any time using the dropdown labeled “Queue:”.

Suspending Users from Reviewing

We have implemented a system for blocking users from using the review queues for 1 to 30 days.

Most people using Review do so in a helpful manner, but you may encounter a few users who do not. If someone does not appear to be reviewing in good faith (always choosing the same action, regardless of content, repeatedly approving poor edits, etc.) short time-out may be a gentle reminder to slow down and pay attention.

    From the page top ‘mod’ link → ‘links’ » ‘Review bans’ » Enter user ID or URL

This page also includes a list of user who are currently banned, either by a moderator or due to failing audits. This functionality is available regardless of whether your site has audits enabled.

New Unicode Tag System

Full Unicode support for tags now available and can be turned on for sites that need it. If you think your site would benefit from it, make a meta post, including examples of how it would be beneficial, gather community support, and propose a plan for how you’d use these tags either alongside or instead of “normal” tags. The more information you can provide, the more easily we can implement your request. Once you have all of the information gathered, email the Community Team, and we’ll be happy to review the thread.

How to Contact Users

This is mostly a reminder. It is rare that a moderator should need to directly email a user at their email address, especially with regards to normal moderator duties. Most of your private contact needs should be done through moderator messages – it’s both less intrusive to the user and also automatically informs the rest of the moderators and the Community Team that something is happening. If you find yourself needing to email a user for moderator reasons but not using a moderator message, make sure to also BCC the rest of your team, and the Community Team, on every exchange so that everyone is on the same page.

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February 2013 Newsletter

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Always Leave a Paper Trail

It is sometimes necessary for a moderator to take unilateral action without community process or review. Whenever possible, it is extremely helpful to leave artifacts about what happened. Comments can be left, even on deleted posts, to be a public-facing notice of the action. Flags can be used when deleting troublesome comments to separate from simple cleanup. A strange run-in with a user or concerns about a user’s recent activity, can be annotated on their profiles.

These artifacts will help your fellow moderators, the Community Team, or even regular users of the site to understand why actions were taken. It can help not only for their own information seeking benefit, but also as an easy way for yourself to remember why you may have taken an action.

User Merge Clarifications and Process

In last month’s issue, we announced a major policy change regarding how user merges are handled – namely that they are to be sent to the Community Team. The removal of moderator access to the tool has been completed.

To speed up the process, moderators may use the same form that a user uses in order to submit a merge request on their behalf. It remains a part of our quick help center available at the bottom of every page.

    From any page footer → ‘contact us’ » ‘Merge user profiles’

In order to prevent confusion, please enter your own email address and not the email address of the user that requires merging when submitting the form.

Audits in Review Tasks

Audits have been inserted into the review tasks as a means for catching users who try to skim past the review tasks unscrupulously. At the moment, this is only enabled for Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, and Programmers. On those sites you may observe progress on how users are faring on the audits in your mod tools as follows:

    From the page top ‘mod’ link → ‘links’ » ‘Review Audits’

    Follow updates on the development on Meta Stack Exchange → review-audits tag

We’re constantly working out the kinks as new reports come in about the process. As we smooth things out, this will eventually be able to be deployed across more sites in the network.

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